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It is a costly and ongoing challenge to bring live streaming to events.  Support from the community, and sponsors, are what give me the ability to continually deliver free high quality streams to the viewers.  Keeping the live streams free not only enables players to share with others the sport and community we love, but also go back and watch matches to help self-critique.  Outlined below are the many ways you can help support and keep the live stream free.  Your support also ensures future growth and improvement in the live stream including equipment and staff at each event.  Thank you to all, and remember to keep it P’Funky!  

How to support!

  • Patreon allows people who enjoy paintball media to support us by making a monthly pledge.
  • Pledge as little or as much as you like.
  • You are charged at the beginning of each month.
  • Cancel your pledge amount at any time.
There multiple tiers of benefits depending on the amount of a pledge.  Click Here or the logo above to learn more.

pfunky headerAll proceeds from the purchasing of P’Funky Swag go back into improving our quality of media.  From pictures, videos, and especially live streams.  Not only that, but you get to look P’Funky as well.  #keepitpfunky

For those that don’t want to do a subscription based support like Patreon, you can choose to give donations by clicking here or the button above.  The link will connect you directly to a secure donation via PayPal.

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Sponsors are highlighted during our live stream broadcasts.  Your logos are looped during the entire broadcast.  In addition to showing your logo, our announcers will also mention sponsors during the broadcast as well as any information you would want the audience to know.  For additional information, please fill out our contact form and choose “sponsor” in the “What are you interested in” field.

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