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Live Streaming

We broadcast, FOR FREE, paintball events in HD to our website, YouTube, and Facebook.  Because of our sponsors and supporters, we feel like we are doing our best to grow the sport and get it front of more people. #growpaintball


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We take our photography services serious and do our best to make you look good!  Thousands of pictures are taken at every event.  Then we comb through each picture, picking out a portfolio of the best.  Be sure to book early for your next event.


Our team videos are the perfect way to share the sport of paintball with friends and family.  The videos are set to music, some slow-mo is utilized for proper agg points, then pieced together for an exciting highlight reel you’d be proud to share. 

That paintball life

“Began playing competitively in 2005 with Sinister Sainthood out of Red River Paintball now Red Leg Paintball in Clarksville, TN. In 2007, began Tennessee Terror playing the MSPA, SEPS and the PSP….

At the end of the 2017 season I decided to take a camera with me to the Atlanta 10 man that was one of the main drives of the classic format resurgence. After seeing what is possible to capture behind the lens I decided to quit playing and do….

The live stream is something that I always knew I could do with the trade that I do for my day to day job, low voltage electrician….”

  • positive review  The man simply does great photos.

    thumb Joe Bredlow

    5 star review  Great dude that stays dedicated and takes awesome shots! Thank you!

    thumb Grant Speakman

    positive review  Photo Skills 🙌🏼 as well as personality!

    thumb Vicky Smith
  • 5 star review  Very friendly guy with good work ethic.

    thumb Matt Edenfield

    5 star review  He is best photographer on the field... He doing great with all those pics

    thumb Jamarcus Franklin

    5 star review  I have been watching the awesome work that Sean has been doing with his photography and for the sport for a little while now. I saw that he was gonna be at AXBL and that he had some spots left. I quickly grabbed one of them. Man, I couldn’t be more happy. Sean does an amazing job! Caught some great moments of me and my team. I HIGHLY recommend his work and will book with him again at future events. He balances affordable pricing with great quality.

    thumb Logan Mitchell
  • positive review  Always top notch!!! A1 brother keep it up!

    thumb Taylor Kirman

    positive review  Great photography and live casts. Can’t say enough about how great they are. Props to Sean. Cooler than a popped CO2 tank.

    thumb Michael DuBrul

    positive review  That they hurry up and get me my pictures

    thumb Brownie Brown
  • 5 star review  His beard could use a touch up every now and then, besides that he is a great dude. Very professional and does great work!

    thumb Cody Travis

    positive review  He’s the man!!!🤙🏾😎 P’funk all day!!!🔥👌🏾

    thumb Martell Mayweather

    5 star review  Great quality and quantity restored my faith In paintball photographers�

    thumb Zachary Griffin
  • 5 star review  Phenomenal dude and a great photographer

    thumb Elliott Ramond Rodriguez

    positive review  Funky’s got that kick to make you look cooler than you really are... if your cool you could be pfunky cool 😎

    thumb Scotty Sizzle

    positive review  How awesome to be able to see my son play paintball! Thank you so much from a mom across the miles to be able to spend a day watching my son doing what he loves....so proud of all the guys who showed up for such a great cause...camaraderie at its finest.

    thumb Terri Smith Brown
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